Break Down the Barriers for Women in Tech — and See Your Company Grow


Today, the tech divisions of companies across all industries must transform themselves from cost centers to trusted, strategic leadership teams. Barriers for women in tech indicate that many companies are not ready to step up to this challenge.


Recruiting isn't enough: without pipeline management tools, nothing will change.

'Bro Cultures' and bullying limit access to top female talent.


Recent data shows a significant gap in how men and women understand these issues.

Our Process

We have developed proven strategies that equip senior executives to sponsor and support women for leadership positions. At the same time, we provide tools and techniques to help high potential women navigate the unwritten rules of today’s marketplace and develop practical steps to break through unique barriers in technology.

Using our proprietary research and state-of-the-art virtual learning systems, you can take your organization to a new level of innovation, diversity, and talent retention.


Provide scaffolding for high potential women to navigate 'bro cultures' and unconscious biases.


Equip your leaders to develop female talent despite common challenges.


Elevate your technology department and steer business strategy with diverse leadership.

Our Clients

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“Since I participated in this course, my supervisor noticed that my confidence is much higher, and I have refined my problem-solving abilities."
Senior Consultant, AETNA
“The WITL program motivated me to be the architect of my own agenda. Though I was in a great role in the Digital organization, the course helped me pause and reflect on my career goals and aspirations. I am now in a new role leading one of the top strategic programs for the bank.”
Executive Director, JPMC
"This course made me feel better about myself because I now know I am a valuable asset to the team. I am able to clearly articulate the ways I contribute to the bottom line.”
Enterprise Economist, SHELL CHEMICALS

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Champion female professionals at all levels of leadership.


Strengthen your ability to coach and mentor women in tech.


Discover best practices for increasing leadership opportunities for women in the future.

IGNORING GENDER IMBALANCE IN TECH leadership roles can be costly...

…affecting customer insights, employee retention, even your bottom line.

Download this infographic for Transformational Change that outlines some of our groundbreaking proprietary research data.